Work-Yoga Exchange Program

Roots & River is pleased to announce our Work-Yoga Exchange Program for students who want to be more involved with our wonderful community and earn yoga classes through needed services at the studio. We are seeking friendly people who are responsible, timely and task-oriented.  These positions can be perfect opportunities for those who wants to practice yoga regularly but may not have the financial resources to afford weekly classes. 

We ask applicants to be sure they are able to commit to a weekly shift for at least 3 months.  This is not a volunteer position. Work-yoga staff must communicate positively with incoming students, demonstrate reliability, honesty and respect for people coming from diverse life experiences. 

If interested, please fill in this form and tell us why you would like to participate in the work-yoga exchange.

*Please note that we may not be able to offer work-yoga positions to all who apply.

Desk Attendant

This position requires that the attendant commit to regular, weekly shift to open up the studio and check people in for specific classes. We are also looking to build an email list of those who would like to work speciality events in exchange for workshop attendance (see more below).

Weekly Desk Attendant responsibilities include: 

  • Arrive and open the studio 30-35 minutes before class 
  • Prepare the room for class (adjust the thermostat, light candles, give floor a quick "Swiffer" and make sure bathroom is stocked with supplies.  
  • Check-in students and take payments through our software program
  • Attend the desk 5 minutes into designated class
  • Stay 10-15 minutes after class finishes to close the studio (turn off lights, adjust thermostat and lock the front door)
  • Time commitment of 1 hour of duty week

Compensation is one (1) yoga class for each desk shift. Ideally, attendants stay and take the class for which they are checking in and close the studio afterwards. However earning credits for other classes or workshops can be negotiated upon request.  

Current Openings:

Check in for Seize the Day Vinyasa with Sierra - Wednesdays 8:15am (desk attendant arrives at 7:45am)

Housekeeping Attendant

The responsibilities of this position include weekly superficial cleaning/tidying of the studio and one deep clean a month. The exact day/time for general housekeeping is flexible and can be negotiated, but we ask that it be a specific and consistent day once a week.  

Weekly duties of the Housekeeping Attendant includes: 

  • vacuum studio
  • organize prop shelf
  • wipe out shoe cubbies
  • dust shelves, mantel, bathroom
  • take out trash and recycling
  • water outdoor plants (seasonally

Once a month deep cleaning includes:

  • mop studio and bathroom
  • clean bathroom sink/toilet
  • occasionally wash ground level windows

Time commitment is 1 hour per superficial cleaning week and 1.5-2 hours for the once a month deep clean. 

Compensation is 6 yoga classes a month

Work-Yoga Exchange Application Form

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