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Tending the Joints: An Introduction to Yin Yoga with Machelle Lee

Yin Yoga utilizes floor poses held for 3-5 minutes each in order to modestly, within limits, stimulate ligaments through traction and compression on joint tissue. This basic introduction to Yin Yoga theory and its simple repertoire of poses is self-empowering for the support and physical therapy for the joints, tendons, and ligaments of the low back, spine, hips, sacrum, knees and ankles. In this workshop, the foundational principles of Yin Yoga will be discussed as well as the chemical responses that occur in the joints based on modern tissue regeneration research of why Yin Yoga is so uniquely therapeutic and rehabilitative to the joints. 

This workshop is great for those who are curious about how this approach can aid their joints want to learn more and for those who are hankering for a decadently long Yin Yoga practice.

All are welcome. No previous yoga experience needed. 

Cost: $30