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Your Yoga, Your Body - A Comparative Anatomy Workshop with Machelle Lee

Workshop is Full!  Visit in again for new additional dates for this workshop later this winter. 

Harshly judging body range of motion is one of the greatest sources of unnecessary suffering in most people’s yoga practice. Although some challenges in postures are related to tight muscles and more is related to contracted joint tissues - many significant limitations are actually due to variations in bone shapes and joint orientations that can differ dramatically from one person to the next. Understanding YOUR yoga anatomy is best learned through direct hands on experience - testing your bones/joints and witnessing them curiously and compassionately to the bones of others. 


This comparative anatomy workshop explores major joints of the body that account for most of our yoga postures. For each joint intersection, we will perform bone range of motion tests on ourselves and on each other and then demonstrate how each varying joint will express itself in specific yoga postures. 

Anatomy is a vast subject, but this playful, interactive workshop reveals the basics in a way that clarifies and simplifies the yoga practice - putting the attention back where it belongs - how the key action of each pose makes you FEEL and moves the life force. In this workshop, participants often experience an “ah-ha” moment about their body and their practice, which can be powerfully liberating and self-accepting. 

This workshop is great for beginners and experienced practitioners alike!

6 hours of CEUs available

6 hours of CEUs available

Cost: Join us for the full day from 1-8pm for both upper and lower body analysis - $60

Come for upper body only, 1-4pm $35 or lower body only 5-8pm, $35

I am pricing this workshop at this special $60 rate so more people can attend. These explorations are even more meaningful when we have a greater number/variety of people to compare bones with.