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Little Om Yoga is Open for Registered Drop-ins: Kids 1-5 Years and Their Grownup with Alison Kennedy

Fridays, 10:45-11:30pm

Little Om Yoga is open for registered drop-ins. If your summer schedule is too busy to sign up for the full session but you would like to join us when you are available, we have a few drop-in spaces. Please pre-register online so we can expect you and can monitor the number of attendees to keep the class size just right for the greatest amount of engagement and participation with our little ones.


The benefits to children who practice yoga are numerous and long lasting! Yoga is not only great exercise but also lays down an early foundation in communication of thoughts and feelings, regulating emotions, managing stress, and self-soothing. Little Om Yoga encourages confidence and boosts self-esteem, all while engaging the imagination in a creative and playful way. Most importantly, yoga encourages children to view themselves and others with kindness and compassion.

Cost: $15