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Evolving Mindfully: Transformative Empowerment Workshop with Jessica Lusty

Do you feel like your life is running you? Do you feel deep down that something needs to shift or change? Do you envision something for yourself that you are ready to realize?

Whatever we believe about the origins of life, we all live the undeniable truth of evolution as we are constantly adapting to our the context of our lives. Whether we exercise the empowerment of our inherent creative potential and are adapting to our life circumstances mindfully are potent questions to explore and embody.

Why? Because each of our lives is an amazing miracle; the time we have here is our chance to create something meaningful and beautiful.


How you answer the question of whether you are mindful of the way you are adapting day-by-day to the context of your life is the biggest determinant to whether your experiences and relationships will be imbued with the qualities, characteristics and feelings that reflect the beauty, pleasure, joy, love and intimacy that is possible. Realizing these possibilities generally requires transformation of emotional, thought and behavioural patterns.  

This Workshop offers is an introduction to the Evolving Mindfully approach to transformation that is based in embodying our inherent empowerment through self-awareness, acceptance and love. When we are empowered we neither judge nor blame, rather we take responsibility to process issues from the past to heal, learn and reclaim our potency to manifest what we envision.

In this interactive Evolving Mindfully Workshop we will breathe, move, meditate, reflect to...

  • Explore the What, How, Where, When and Why of Transformation.
  • Consider approaches to transformation that are honoring of our circumstances, practice based and founded in a love that empowers.
  • Learn strategies to begin to make small shifts that add up to sustainable change.

Cost: $35


Jessica Lusty specializes in holistic mindful approaches to personal evolution. As the founder of Evolving Mindfully based in Washington DC, she teaches classes and workshops, offers personal processes and creates journeys to for awakening, empowerment and transformation. Jessica is an integrative guide devoted to supporting individuals living complicated busy lives to cultivate conscious lifestyles to align with their souls' intentions. As an instructor of the Eightfold Path of Yoga with advanced training in Yoga Psychology, JourneyDance guide, Certified Astrologer and Priestess, Jessica merges wisdom traditions with modern strategies to support Transformative Empowerment.