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Introduction to Reiki: Connecting with the Energy that Surrounds You with Judy Buchanan

The deep relaxation technique of Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is one of the fastest growing complementary/alternative medicine practices in the world. Many people have heard of Reiki but are curious about how it works and how this technique can help themselves and those they love. 

During this introduction workshop, you will gain an understanding of the skill set of Reiki, its many benefits and uses. In addition, we will explore how the energy impacts our daily life, what is involved in a Reiki session, and the different levels of Reiki Certification.  

We will conclude with a Reiki Circle during which Judy will offer a brief guided meditation to include short Reiki treatments while seated for those who would like to receive. If you have considered training to be a certified Reiki practitioner, are curious about what to expect during a Reiki session, or just want to know more about this healing technique consider join us. 

 Bring the benefits of Reiki into your life.

Reiki promotes as a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, reduced pain, positive attitude, faster recovery from surgery or injury, better sleep, improved memory, slower aging, increased creativity, peace of mind, sharper intuition, and balanced energy.

Cost: $30


Judy is a Medical Reiki Master, Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Teacher and Resiliency Coach. Her passion is to empower her clients to reclaim serenity by safely releasing trauma, anxiety, grief and pain so they can feel better and thrive. Judy was introduced to Reiki as a method to relieve her own pain and anxiety she was experiencing while serving as an active duty Army Medical Service Officer. The first time she experienced Reiki Judy knew that she needed to learn this amazing technique and share it with others. As an avid seeker, she has been a student of holistic therapies for more than a decade and believes education is a fundamental means to empowering others. To enhance her knowledge Judy completed additional certifications in Karuna Reiki, Medical Reiki, Sacred Child Birth with Reiki, Okuden & Shoden Jikiden Reiki and Integrative Quantum Medicine. Judy provides Reiki treatments, Holy Fire III Reiki training, retreat support and building resilience lectures throughout her community. Making a difference in the lives of others it what fills Judy’s heart. Learn more or connect with Judy at