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Workshop Postponed until the New Year....Sourcing Affirmation with Jessica Lusty and Machelle Lee

Our inner voice can be our worst critic or our greatest ally. We have all found ourselves in times when we are struggling around a pattern of thoughts that exhaust or berate us. Often these are sourced from internalized ideas that we learned from family, society or cultural messaging. Initially, these messages may have acted to protect us from a true or perceived harm. However, many beliefs and "truths" about reality are temporary constructs that evolve over time as we gain greater life knowlege and experience. If constricting thoughts are not questioned or explored, however, what once protected us can become a hinderance to living a meaningful life that is aligned to our true, authentic selves.  

In this workshop, Jessica and Machelle meaningfully blend storytellings, guided self-inquiry, mindfulness, meditation and themed yogic movement in order to unearth the voices you tend to habitually privilege, explore them and thus give rise to dialogue with the aspirations of your soul.  We will engage several layers of techniques from yoga asana, group discussion, meditation, journaling and essential oil making in order to weave meaningful resources you can call on at any time in order to hear and tend the voice of your inner ally.

Previous yoga experience is recommended for the movement portion though not required and multiple variations to poses will be given to create the most supportive practice for each person. 

Learn more about Jessica Lusty at her website