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Mini 15 Minute Zero Balancing Sessions with Stan Fox

We have ONE space left - a 2:40pm session - for this event. Please email to reserve!

We are excited to welcome Certified Zero Balancer and Licensed Five Element Acupuncturist, Stan Fox, to Roots & River Yoga.  Stan will be offering 10-15 minute mini-Zero Balancing (ZB) sessions to introduce this therapeutic practice to our community.  Private sessions will be available for advanced sign up to ensure that you have the chance to experience the gifts of this hands on practice at a time that works for you. Walk-ins will be welcomed as scheduling permits.  

Stan started studying with Zero Balancing founder, Dr. Fritz Smith, in 2010 while attending acupuncture school and it has become his true gift and passion. ZB is a whole body therapy that is performed with the client fully clothed on a massage table. This modality utilizes skilled touch to address the physical structure at the layer of the bones and energy currents in the body.  In these mini-sessions, Stan will use gentle finger pressure and subtle traction  on bones and joints to invite a greater sense of balance between the energy and the structure of the body. The potential benefits are great including greater ease of movement, pain reduction/elimination, deeply quieted nervous system and increased sense of self-awareness so that perceptions in life are more clear with an easier flow with life experiences.  Ultimately, the goal is creating a foundational template of health and wellness both physically and emotionally within each person. 

Sessions are offered on a pay-what-you can donation (suggested $5-$20) and 50% of all proceeds will be gifted to Building Veterans.  Donations can be made by cash or check on the day of your appointment.

All ZB appointments are currently reserved. If you would like to be on our waiting list in case there are cancelations, please email me at

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