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Zero Balancing and Yin Yoga with Stan Fox and Machelle Lee

You asked for an encore offering and we listened! This extra special event will take yoga bliss to a new level while providing a reboot to the nervous system. Visualize an afternoon that takes you down into the deep layers of fascia, joints and bones through the beloved practice of Yin Yoga combined with receiving 10 minutes of hands on Zero Balancing on the massage table. Certified Zero Balancing Therapist and Licensed 5 Element Acupuncturist Stan Fox and I will co-facilitate this unique experience. The workshop will consist of a brief introduction to Yin Yoga and Zero Balancing (ZB) and before moving into more than two and half hours of therapeutic Yin Yoga poses to stimulate and support the joints, connective tissue, and fascia of the spine, hips, sacrum, and knees.  After an initial set of postures to warm every body up,  each participant will be invited, one by one,  out of their Yin pose and onto the massage table for a unique hands on Zero Balancing session.  Zero balancing  is a gentle hands on modality to support and align the physical structure with the energetic health of each invididual . Through light finger pressure and gentle traction, ZB invites the release of deeply held tensions in the bones, joints and soft tissues.  Throughout this integrative practice, our goal will be to support each person while creating points of balance in the slowness where your body can relax and reorganize its self - resulting in feelings of joint/tissue ease, lightness and clearing energetic blocks. $40