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Master Class - Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy: Backbends and Headstands with Marietta Vis

Class Postponed - Rescheduled Date to be Announced Soon.

The primary focus of Critical Alignment Yoga is to mobilize and align the spinal column, restoring mobility, balance and spaciousness in the body. One important concept that guides this work is that of "movement chains." You can see movement as a ripple or chain of small actions linked together from one body part to the next. When there is stiffness or inflexibility (like in the shoulders, neck, lower back) the chain has a weakness that limits the free transfer of movement and can cause pain and discomfort. To restore mobility in those weak links, we can work with various specialized props that can bring awareness to parts of the body that have escaped our attention. In this workshop you will learn corrective exercices and an asana practice related to the work on specialized props in backbends

Independent of the yoga style or lineage you practice, this workshop can benefit you as you continue to develop a respectful and safe practice for yourself and potentially your students. 

Cost: $40

See more Critical Alignment videos at back bender video 2 head stander video 1 head stander video 2

This Master Class is designed for teachers and  yoga students looking to deepen their understanding of practicing and/or teaching concepts of backhanding and handstands from the Critical Alignment perspective. Attendance of the workshop qualifies certified yoga teachers to three (3) continuing education credits for Yoga Alliance.