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FREE CLASS - Yoga Sculpt with Aimee Rider

We are excited to add a new class to our weekly schedule of class offerings at Roots & River and we invite you to come take the first class for free.  Aimee Rider will lead participants through an invigorating yet accessible Yoga Sculpt practice where the basics of Vinyasa yoga are infused with light hand weights.  

Yoga Sculpt is a total body workout that uses a simple yoga flow as its base and supplements the practice with strength training through the use of 3 and 5 pound weights.  Boost your metabolism, build lean muscle mass and strengthen bone density by adding weight resistance. Students can expect squats, planks, and cardio along with light weight lifting strength work.  Yoga Sculpt is a great mix of mind and body that people of most fitness levels can benefit from. 

Please bring your own 3 pound hand weights. If you don't have weights, now worries, you can bring to equal sized canned foods (to donate to the food bank and use as weights) or simply bring yourself as you can create your own weight resistance with intention without actual dumbbells.

Though this is a free class, we have limited space for 15 participants so please reserve your spot.