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New Class on Our Schedule - Qi Gong: An Exploration with Dr. Sam Francis

Tuesdays, 12:00-1:00pm

Now open for drop-ins - $15/class or use your class pass

Focused on gentle breath and movement meditation, Qi Gong is accessible to everyone. Qi Gong contains aspects of martial arts, moving meditation, visualization, and relaxation. Join your friendly neighborhood acupuncturist, Dr. Sam Francis, as she walks you through the gentle and basic stances and concepts of this useful form of movement for physical and emotional health.

This gentle practice can be done either seated or standing and unlike yoga, there will be no getting up and down from the floor


In class, we'll be exploring the different aspects of Qi Gong, focusing on practices that can be done anywhere, either sitting, standing or even lying down. We'll explore concepts of Yin and Yang, deep breathing, the Five Elements, Meridian theory, and guided visualization and meditation. If you've ever been curious about Qi Gong, this is your chance to learn in a supportive, laid back environment from a Chinese medicine practitioner that uses it in her practice every day.