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FREE - Natural Secrets to Living Free of Joint Pain with Dr. Sam Francis

Dr. Sam Francis, owner and chief practitioner of Five Dances Wellness Center, teaches this empowering seminar that is for anyone who wants to learn natural, inexpensive self-care strategies to reduce or even eliminate pain in the neck, back, shoulder, and other major joints.

  • Learn a secret hydration strategy that gives your body what it needs to cool and clear inflammation without making you feel like a camel, or having to “go” all the time.

  • Discover a simple movement that can be done seated or even lying down that will promote circulation and three different ways to modify the movement for your unique body.

  • Learn how to determine what type of pain you have and which topical treatment will work best for you.

PLUS: Learn how to use just five minutes before sleep to maximize your body’s ability to clear inflammation on its own. 

Dr. Sam has helped hundreds of people reduce or even eliminate their joint pain using these same simple secrets that are easy to implement and won’t break the bank!  Dr. Sam will walk you through how to do stellar self-care ON YOUR OWN.