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Undisturbed Birth Workshop with Andrea Goldstein and Amy Miller

An undisturbed birth is a labor, birth and postpartum period in which there is no disruption to the birthing person's sacred flow of hormones. It preserves their autonomy as a wise individual able to govern their own care and their own decisions. The birthing person's dignity and wisdom are acknowledged and respected. The caregiver is seen as a partner in their journey, not as a leader in an authoritarian role.

What to learn more? Join us for this workshop designed by Indie Birth ( and hosted by Amy Miller and Andrea Goldstein of Red House Birth Care 

Topics covered include:

  • Undisturbed birth and The Labor Blueprint

  • The hormones of labor and how to support them

  • The logic & safety of labor and birth

  • Fears, disruptions and moving forward

  • Policies, protocols and common interventions

  • Who do you need in your birth space?

People of all ages, sexes, genders and backgrounds are welcome to attend (pregnant or not).

Andrea Goldstein is a birth advocate, attendant, doula, educator, and placenta encapsulator. She created Birthing Asha - a project about birthing hope, birthing life. The word Asha is rooted in Sanskrit and its meaning is "the inherent nature of existence." Pregnancy, birth, and parenting are steeped with life, learning, and hope. Andrea believes women/families have the inherent right to choose how they meet birth. She hopes that we can co-create care and community around birth.

Amy Miller has been supporting women in childbirth since 2010. Working in and out of hospital settings, she has served over 150 families. Each MommaBaby team is individual and she has learned from each one. In 2011, she began serving as a home birth assistant. At this time she also started training as a home birth midwife. She completed this training in 2016 and now serves the community as a Certified Professional Midwife, doula, and educator. More info can be found at Red House Birth Care:

Cost: FREE

This event is being offered by Red House Birth Care and registration is being managed by Event Bright. Follow the link below to reserve your space in this free event.