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Yin Yoga and Acupuncture: Fall and the Gifts of Metal with Machelle Lee and Samantha Francis

Yin Yoga instructor Machelle Lee and Acupuncturist Samantha Francis (Five Dances Wellness) blend their experience to offer a Fall workshop exploring the element of Metal from the Five-Element tradition of Chinese Medicine as a way of preparing oneself for release and retreat of the Fall Season.


Machelle will lead participants through a full Yin Yoga session stimulating the acupressure lines within connective tissues that support the Lungs and Large Intestine organs and meridian channels. Following the practice, Samantha will provide a meditative acupuncture session to assist in balancing the subtle current within. Weaved throughout the experience, Machelle and Samantha will discuss the physical functions of these organs as well as present the holistic gifts that are associated with the psycho-spiritual energy of the Metal element.

No prior experience with yoga is necessary to benefit from this workshop.

Cost: $40