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Bone Wisdom with Julie Skaarup and Machelle Lee

Bone is a living tissue that can be cultivated, strengthened and nourished through our yoga practice, lifestyle habits and choices. Healthy bone leads to healthy marrow, nerve tissue, genetic material, and immune function. It gives stability, as sense of being grounded and calm. Spiritually, our bones are connected to our ancestors. In Celtic tradition "bone wisdom" refers to a deep knowing about something that you have no logical reason to understand. With some things, it is not our rational self that deduces the answer-- instead, we “feel it in our bones.” Join us for this exploration of bone tissue that combines a mixture of Ayurvedic lecture with embodied learning through a few selected postures with Julie and then settle into some Yin Yoga poses as Machelle reads texts and poems themed around winter and deep knowing in your bones. This  workshops is an opportunity to explore the way in which bone represents our living wisdom in our bodies. $36