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Heart Beats - Introduction to Chanting and Kirtan with Brian King

Kirtan and chanting is a call and response, like a sing-a-long, accompanied by live instruments.  One of the main intentions of kirtan is to enliven the heart through the vibration of song while also quieting the mind towards a more meditative state. Kirtan is an integral part of the devotional tradition known as Bhakti yoga that originated in India many centuries ago.  The mantras (words or sounds that are repeated with frequency to aid concentration) awaken our connection to soulfulness and a refreshing simplicity of truth within each of our hearts. When people sing together the experience is amplified far beyond what we can create when we chant by ourselves. Lifting our voices in shared song, it is easier to recognize each other's goodness beyond limitations; we connect in a way that can invite positive shifts first within our personal lives, then within our communities, within our nation, and ultimately the whole world.

No previous experience in kirtan or chanting is necessary and lyric sheets will be provided for you to keep. You aren't required to sing and you are welcome to come to listen and receive.  Roots & River studio has has ample blankets and bolsters to sit upon, though please feel free to bring your own sitting props to make yourself comfortable. If you prefer to use a chair, you can bring your own folding chair or let us know in advance to and we will provide one. 

The suggested offering for this event is $10 - $20 at the door through "tickets" can be purchased online to reserve your space for $15 per person. 

100% of the proceeds will go to benefit The Brunswick Beacon Food Bank.