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Belly Dancing - 6 Week Series with Jacquie Wuertz

Belly dance is an expressive dance that emphasizes the movements of the hips and torso. Instructor Jacquie will guide participants in the Tribal Improvisational style of belly dancing where movements are created in "phrases" like a song or poem in the count of 8.  Dancers will build a vocabulary of these sequences so that as more phrases are learned, they can be easily linked together with physical cues (i.e. a specific flick of the wrist) to signal a dance move change which creates a unique dance every time.  Each class will build in complexity and end with a full practice dance of what you have learned so far. This method will aid you in being able to practice on your own to build knowledge, confidence, and muscle memory.  

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about the belly dance classes:

  • Both the you as the dancer and the instructor need to see the movements of the body. We recommend you wear yoga pants or leggings and a tank top/cami/fitted t-shirt. Practice will be done barefoot. The studio will have hip scarves for use but feel free to bring your own. 
  • Each class will begin a warm up that consist of dance and yoga to heat and stretch the body. The main part of the class will introduce new techniques and build from the movements learned from previous weeks as they blend into a choreography with greater complexity. Each practice will end with a cool down sequence. 
  • No previous dance or yoga experience is needed. 
  • We welcome participants ages 12 and up 

6 week session $75