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Self Discovery Through Story - An Introduction to Reading the Tarot

We are sorry - this workshop has been canceled - we were unable to meet our minimum number of registrants.  This event will be offered again at a later date.

We had such an amazing time in our last Introduction to Tarot and so many requests to offer it again. If you missed this this first time or want a refresher to the material, Julie and Catie are offering an encore workshop. In May and June they will also be leading level II trainings with in-depth exploration to the archetypes in the specific suits. 

Archetypes are all around us. Characters such as the innocent child, the rebel, the lover, the jester, and the wise sage - each with their own set of values, purposes and personalities - live within all of us. These recognizable and evocative motifs appear in myths, fairy tales and stories that present simple themes but profound truths about what it is to be human. The tarot is like an unbound book with cards decorated with these archetypes that are free to move and rearrange themselves to tell a different story every time. Since the subconscience speaks through imagery, colors and symbols, the tarot is one of the most elegant ways in which the deep part of ourselves is given an opportunity to make itself known.

Join us for a playful and social afternoon to learn a bit about the language of the tarot. You will leave with the skills to do brief readings for yourself when you are in need of clarity, creativity, or want to journey within. Bring a journal and your imagination! Though we encourage you to dress for comfort, you will not need yoga clothes or mat for this workshop. $42