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Self Discovery Through Story: An Introduction to Reading the Tarot with Julie Skaarup and Catie Peiper


We had to cancel this workshop due to low enrollment. Check out Tarot and Personality Types we are offering on December 15th.

Archetypes are all around us: sun and moon, inner child, young lovers, tricksters, sages/mentors, wise old women and men and many more. These recognizable characters are most often seen in myths and stories that explain simple but profound truths about what it is to be human. The tarot is like an unbound book-- cards decorated with archetypes that are free to move around and rearrange themselves to tell a different story every time. Since the subconscious speaks in feelings, dreams, images and symbols, tarot is one of the most elegant ways in which that deep part of our selves can speak to us and make itself known.

Join us for a fun and playful afternoon to learn a little bit of the language of tarot-- you'll leave with the skills to do brief readings for yourself when you are in need of clarity or simply want to journey within. Bring a journal and your imagination! You will not need yoga clothes or mats for this workshop.

If you have already taken the intro course at Roots & River Yoga but would like to repeat it (we learn best through repetition), email and enroll for 25% off the course.

Cost $45