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Relieving Pain Naturally with Energy Medicine with Tara Roberts

Participants will learn to balance their own energies to reduce chronic and acute pain. Pain is often a sign of stuck subtle energy in your body. Working with the body’s energy fields we can release blocks allowing the body to return to its natural state of wellbeing.

In this workshop you will learn to identify where energy is stuck or out of balance and how to correct it. We will address headaches, joints, and various kinds of chronic or acute pain. If you are working with pain, bring it to class and we’ll see what magic we can make happen.   

These techniques are simple enough to do for yourself at home and profound enough to impact the rest of your life. Come join this workshop for an informative and interactive presentation of working with your body’s own energy field for a happier healthier you.

This workshop is open to all! 

Cost: $30


Tara is a certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner and educator. Eden Energy Medicine is founded by Donna Eden, author of the book Energy Medicine and recognizes 9 different energy systems including meridians, chakras, the aura, the 5 Chinese elements, radiant circuits, and more.