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Level II Tarot: Suit of Cups with Julie Skaarup and Catie Peiper

Indulge in a little self-care and reflection with Catie and Julie as they bring you the next installment of the Tarot workshop series, this time with a focus on the suit of Cups. 

What are your spiritual gifts? How is your heart being received by those around you? How can you find fulfillment in your emotional life? The Cups help us navigate the gentle waters of the heart space. There is a spiritual wellspring within each of us that much be tended, protected, and savored. Each card within the suit of Cups paints a different picture of what our relationship to that wellspring might be. Dive into these soft, deep waters as we explore each card of this suit in detail. 


You will also learn a basic relationship spread with us in this workshop! An excellent way to get some perspective on any kind of inter-personal dynamic, relationship spreads help us pinpoint what needs to be healed or understood when two hearts interact. We will take some time to explain the placement of each card within the spread, and then practice reading for one another.

We love sharing this knowledge with you, and we hope to see you there! 

*This workshop requires the Intro to Tarot workshop as a pre-requisite. If you already have a working knowledge of the tarot and would like to be exempt from the pre-requisite, please feel free to reach out to Catie or Julie personally. (

Cost: $45