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Journey Within: Blindfold Yoga with Sierra Carlson

In this practice, we will explore the 5th limb of yoga: pratyahara, "withdrawal of the senses," based on the 2nd century teaching of The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali.  

Most of us spend our days in a continuous stream of visual information that at times can be overwhelming. In this practice we will fortify our inner resources by mindfully filtering what comes in through the sense of sight with the intention to create inner calm and self trust.  

The practice will begin with eyes open and then we will direct our attention inward through a meaningfully slow, gentle sequence wearing blindfolds. Discover how you can choose to modify your experience with the external environment in ways that draw you towards feeling more at ease.

Come ready to cultivate balance, self-awareness, and sensory transcendence.

Some basic yoga experience recommended, but all levels welcome.

Cost: $20