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A Journey Through the Chakras: Navigating the Body's Energy Centers with Danica Binkley

The body is a vehicle of consciousness. Chakras are the wheels that transport this vehicle on the journey of life. At the inner core of each one of us are seven wheel-like energy centers known as chakras. Chakras are organizing centers within the body for the receiving, processing, and distributing of life energies.

When energy becomes blocked or excessive in a given chakra, we can get stuck in negative cycles in our relationships, our jobs, habits, and ways of thinking that can put stress and strain on our lives and can sometimes even manifest as illness in the body. This workshop will focus on clearing and balancing the chakras so that our life energy can continue to flow towards higher consciousness, radiant health and wellness, and connection to our greatest good.

This journey through the chakras will provide practical tools and methods through the practice of yoga for maintaining an open flow of energy in the body, mind, and spirit to facilitate the experience of perpetual and enduring bliss.

Everyone is welcome from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. This workshop will include yoga postures (asana), breath work (pranayama), mudras, chanting, meditation, and bioenergetic techniques for each chakra.

Cost: $35