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Christ Focused Yoga: Root Down to Rise Up with Jodi Steagall House

Christ focused Yoga is an experiential worship created to lead students through a sacred and safe God-focused practice to deepen and enhance our connection to Christ through movement, breath and prayer. 

Root Down to Rise Up is a beginners class to set the foundation for building confidence in a healthy and healing yoga practice.  Students are encouraged to develop their awareness by connecting breath, with gentle exercises, while noticing thoughts and feelings as they arise in the physical practice. Weaved throughout the class will be Christ centered themes and scripture that can aid participants in connecting with their bodies and mind in a prayerful manner. It is in this inner stillness that one can sweetly experience the presence of God and the movement of the Holy Spirit within the heart and mind. The restorative aspect of the practice introduces gently held floor poses that can induce a meditative and prayerful calm renewing the physical body in His presence. 

Gain skills. Gain confidence. This class is appropriate for all healthy and healing beginners.


Living whole-heartedly as the beloved daughter of God, Jodi is a teacher who embodies biblical aspects of teaching.  Jodi infuses her bodies of work with a fullness, and a passion for life through Christ on and off the mat. Her instruments of instruction are detailed and clear, woven through a progression of imagery, and biblical truth.  She encourages the practitioner to open their human heart to God and release stuck patterns that no longer serve.  A cancer survivor through an allogenic stem cell transplant Jodi views each and every day as a gift from God. She is described as ‘confidently vulnerable work in progress' As a result, she inspires positive change in the lives of others. Off the mat, she loves to Peer volunteer with Be the Match, DIY projects turning old things to a new life, hiking, and being outdoors in the sunshine. Jodi lives in Middletown Md. on a family farm surrounded by natures sights, sounds, and smells!

Cost: $18