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Postponed: Evolving Mindfully: Transformative Empowerment Workshop with Jessica Lusty

This event is canceled due to low registration - we will look to another date in 2019 to offer it again.

Are you responding mindfully to the circumstances of your life in a way that honors your innermost intentions?

Do you sense deep down that it is time to holistically attend to your body, mind, emotions, and energy, but are not sure how to work that into your life in an integrated and sustained way?

Do you push your feelings and sense that something needs to change in order to get through the daily demands of your life?

If so, take this opportunity for a sacred pause to turn within.

Why? Because your life is an amazing miracle; the time you have here is your opportunity to be present to life in a way that honors the authenticity of your unique spirit.

This workshop offers is an introduction to the Evolving Mindfully approach to transformation that is based in embodying our inherent empowerment through self-awareness, self-love, and self-mastery.

When we are empowered we neither judge nor blame. Rather, we take responsibility to heal, learn, and reclaim our potency to manifest the beauty, pleasure, joy, love, and intimacy that we sense is possible. 

In this interactive Evolving Mindfully Workshop we will breathe, move, meditate, reflect to...

  • Clarify the quality of presence we desire to bring to our lives and relationships. 

  • Consider approaches to personal evolution that support the quality of presence we desire to bring to our day-to-day lives.

  • Explore strategies to respond mindfully to our inner and external landscapes in skillful ways that support our intentions.

Cost: $35


Jessica Lusty specializes in holistic mindful approaches to personal evolution. As the founder of Evolving Mindfully based in Washington, DC, she teaches classes and workshops, offers personal processes, and creates journeys for awakening, empowerment, and transformation. Jessica is an integrative guide devoted to supporting individuals living complicated, busy lives to cultivate conscious lifestyles to align with their souls' intentions. As an instructor of the Eightfold Path of Yoga with advanced training in Yoga Psychology, JourneyDance guide, Certified Astrologer and Priestess, Jessica merges wisdom traditions with modern strategies to support Transformative Empowerment.