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Workshop Canceled - Comfort & Joy: A Deeply Restorative Holiday Practice with Danica Binkley

While the holidays can be a time of joy and togetherness, it is easy to become overextended, over-committed, and overwhelmed by the pressures and demands on our patience, energy, time, and resources. As a result, we often sacrifice our own well-being,  finding ourselves depleted, frazzled, and out of balance.  This year, give yourself the gift of nourishing self-care by engaging in a deeply restorative yoga practice focused around reconnecting with your inner calm and balance, replenishing depleted energy, and cultivating real lasting peace and joy.  

This special workshop will begin with gentle movement and stretching before moving into long-held supported postures that allow the body to naturally release and let go of deeply held tension and stress, which helps to replenish the nervous system, regulate the body's natural functions, and renew a sense of peace and groundedness to your entire being.  Both experienced and inexperienced yogis of all ages will benefit from the inner quietude and deep release of this grounding and calming practice. Please plan to dress in layers, including bringing warm socks, as the body’s temperature drops as it relaxes.  

Cost: $30


Danica is a trauma-informed yoga teacher who approaches her instruction with compassion and lovingkindness, fostering a nurturing, non-judgmental environment of openness and acceptance in all of her classes.  Experienced in the teaching of meditation, vinyasa (flow) yoga, gentle yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, and open-to-all yoga, she most enjoys teaching gentle, calming styles yoga for healing and stress-relief, with special emphasis on the breath, mudra, and diverse meditative practices.