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Continuing the Yoga Journey with Nutrition: Nourishing Your Body Through Awareness with Jean Toleman

Why do we choose candy over fruit, chips over vegetables? Do we eat because we are hungry or due to some emotional or external cues? Are you aware of what takes you to the kitchen, or do you just find yourself there? Americans are eating 500-800 more calories on average a day than we did in the 1970’s. Why are we doing this and how is it effecting our health and well being?

Join nutritionist, Jean Toleman, as we explore these questions and start your journey of awareness into what is motivating us to eat in a way that is increasing our risk of chronic disease, fatigue, inflammation and more. 

Through gentle yoga, journaling, meditation and discussion, we will start to explore eating choices and how they influence the way we feel and and impact our health.

Please bring a journal/notebook for thoughts and in class activities.

Cost: $30


Jean Toleman has been a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist for over 30 years and has over 100 hours of Ayurvedic training. Her undergraduate degree was in Anthropology, so she came to nutrition through her interest in other cultures and their eating habits. She has worked in Geriatric Nutrition for many years and has seen how our life styles are causing people to develop chronic illnesses earlier and how life long poor eating choices have impacted this. She was introduced to yoga in the 1970’s and returned to it in 2001. In 2010 she completed her 200 hr. yoga training and started the journey toward a 500 hr degree in 2017.