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Self Discovery Through Story: Level II Tarot - Suit of Cups

We are sorry - this workshop has been canceled - we were unable to meet our minimum number of registrants.  This event will be offered again at a later date.

Are you ready to dive in to the next chapter of the Tarot? Catie and Julie return once more to explore the suit of Cups. 

What is the nature of your emotional self? How do you relate to others? What pulls on your heartstrings in this life? The beautiful, soft, mysterious interior of the heart is the realm of Cups. This suit reminds us that we need to turn inward and be tender with ourselves as we plumb the depths of these sacred waters. In this workshop, we will spend quality time with each of the cards in the suit of Cups, savoring the highs and lows as the Fool's Journey wanders within. 

Also during this workshop, we will introduce a spread to explore relationships! Cups give us wisdom into all sorts of relationships-- business partnerships, family ties, friendships, and romance alike. This spread will give you a bird's eye view of each partner's side of the story, and help you to see the way forward from there. You'll have a chance to practice reading this spread for each other during our time together. 

We're so eager to navigate these waters with you! We hope to see you there. 

**This workshop requires the Intro to Tarot workshop as a pre-requisite. However, you do NOT have to take the Wands workshop in order to attend the Cups workhop. :-) 
If you have not taken the Intro workshop yet, you're in luck! We will be offering an Intro to Tarot on Saturday, June 10th-- the day before this Cups workshop. So, make a weekend of it and bring your friends for some playful introspection and group fun!