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FREE EVENT - Strategies for Peaceful Holidays with Samantha Francis

Sam Francis, owner and chief practitioner of Five Dances Wellness Center, leads this combination treatment and learning session, based on her clinical experience working with patients over the last 8 years..

This is for anyone who wants to learn natural, inexpensive self-care strategies to transform their mixed feelings about the holidays into calm and peace. 

You will learn or experience:

  • How to soothe the limbic system, the part of our brains that works with our emotions, using natural substances. 

  • Magic Points that you can stimulate for calm anytime, anywhere

  • Experience these Magic Points with acupuncture or acupressure for yourself in a 30 minute mini-session!

BONUS: How to use just 5 minutes before sleep to set up your body for a calm, peaceful rest!

Sam uses these strategies with her patients this time of year to bring them to a more calm and peaceful state- despite the hectic schedule and increased demands of the holiday season. 

Plus attendees receive BONUSES:

  • A FREE aromatherapy ornament you can customize in class (a $20 value)

  • A FREE meditation to use before sleep to keep you calm and help you drift off. (Good for far beyond the holiday season.)

This is a Five Dances Wellness Event lead by acupuncturist, Samantha Francis that is being hosted at Roots & River Yoga’s space. Though the event is free, pre-registration is required as these events are generally full.