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Reiki & Your Energy Body with Meredith Jensen

Your energy body is a reflection of your physical and emotional self. It may not be readily visible but it is as powerful and relevant as the physical body! Just like we take care of our physical body we can tune into and care of our energy body by including it in our daily regimen of self-care and hygiene. Join us and learn about Reiki, the energy body and healing tool. Did you know we can use Reiki to manage blood sugar levels, lower anxiety and work through emotional and physical pain? No wonder doctors and hospitals have incorporated Reiki into their patient care! Even if you are not a Reiki practitioner, you can still use it in your life! Reiki is a dynamic and empowering tool for self use and to share the loving energy of with your child and loved ones.

In this workshop you will learn about the ubiquitous vitality-giving, energy of life that is Reiki and get a chance to experience how energy works. Learn how Reiki activates healing on all 4 planes of existence – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Let Reiki take you on a journey of personal empowerment. Join us and discover how Reiki, especially when paired with visualization, can transform your life and enhance opportunities for better health, harmony and abundance in your life. 

Cost: $30


With a Master of Science in Psychology, Meredith’s previous research work in the Bio-Psychological Sciences centered on how addiction behavior was characterized by genes and environment and how those features manifested through stress and anxiety-related behavior. As an advanced Reiki practitioner, Meredith explores the science of how energetic substances like crystals, aromatics, one’s thoughts, reiki and other modalities interact with the energy body of living things in a cumulative, energy-bearing manifestation of good physical and mental well-being or dis-ease and illness. While these topics seem mystical Meredith believes there is an undeveloped science worthy of study. Meredith is a wife and mother devoting much of her time to the study and practice of several different energy healing modalities. The purpose of her work is to raise awareness of these healing energies and provide healing services to the open-hearted ones that seek them out.